Ipod Check Up

25 plus écoutés :

Spacemen 3 – Take me to the other side
Christian Death – Romeo s distress (ça craint)
Cut Copy – So haunted
Dead Prez – Hip Hop
Trisomie 21 - La fete triste (…)
Wiley - Wearing my rolex (Zombie Squad Remix)
Wiley – Grim (feta JME & Ears)
Wiley – Summertime (Crookers Remix)
Jesus and Mary Chain - Just like honey
My bloody valentine – (When you wake) you re still in a dream
Jesus and Mary Chain - Head On
Billy Idol – Eyes without a face (a cause de la pub)
The Velvet Underground – Pale blue eyes
Oasis – Don’t look back in anger ( ça c depuis que je la joue au piano )
Guns n roses – November rain ( putain la honte... )
Tones on Tail - Shakes
The Rolling Stones – Tell Me ( redecouvert The London Years )
Elvis Costello – Oliver s army
The Smiths – What difference does it makes
Cut Copy – Heart on fire
The Nips - So pissed off
The Screamins sirens - Your girl s gonna be bad
Lucio Battisti – Un avventura ( a cause de l'été)
Suede – Animal nitrate (parce que j’ai revu Delphine)
The Slickers - Johnny too bad

MP3 : Billy Idol - Eyes without a face